/// Microsoft CEO Promises to Limit Nokia Phone Names to 10 Syllables or Less

September 3, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Microsoft’s proposed $7.17 billion acquisition of Nokia’s wireless device business will create “ a first-rate Microsoft phone experience ” for its customers — one with better device names, too. Discussing the deal during an early conference call this morning, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that it will give the company license to pare down and polish Windows Phone naming conventions. “I think we can probably do better for consumer names than ‘Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 1020,’” Ballmer said. “Yet, because of where both companies are and the independent nature of the businesses, we haven’t been able to shorten that. … Now, we can simplify the overall consumer branding and messaging gets much simpler. That is an efficiency of being one company.” A nice efficiency to have, particularly given Microsoft’s tendency toward ludicrous product naming conventions. Remember, this is the company that gave us Windows XP 64-Bit Edition For 64-Bit Extended Systems . Nice to see Ballmer acknowledging he’d like to see some brevity around whatever new device branding emerges from this deal. RELATED POSTS: Microsoft CEO Promises to Limit Nokia Phone Names to 10 Syllables or Less Samsung, HTC Mum on Any Interest in Windows Phone Post-Nokia Elop in July: It’s “Hard to Understand the Rationale” for Selling Nokia’s Devices Business Microsoft Is Getting Nokia’s Phone Business for a Song Nokia Shares Rise, Microsoft Falls in Reaction to Deal So Much for BlackBerry’s “Clear Shot” at Being No. 3 in the Smartphone Market Selling Nokia Was Hard Emotionally, But Right Thing to Do, Says Interim CEO Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia’s Top Designer, To Leave Company in November Steve Ballmer on Why Buying Microsoft’s Biggest Phone Partner Makes Sense Nokia Interim CEO: We Have Three Strong Businesses Remaining Barcelona Rendezvous, 50 Nokia Board Meetings Led to Microsoft Deal Microsoft’s Nokia Deal By The Numbers Microsoft Confirms It Gets Less Than $10 Per Nokia Windows Phone Sold Stephen Elop Is Now Microsoft CEO Candidate to Beat Microsoft Wants to Keep Licensing Windows Phone to Others, Post-Nokia Deal Microsoft Explains the Rationale Behind the Nokia Deal Microsoft to Buy Nokia’s Device Business in Deal Worth $7.17 Billion

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Microsoft CEO Promises to Limit Nokia Phone Names to 10 Syllables or Less

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