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September 2, 2013  |  Media Week

Welcome to Fragmentation Nation. We’ve finally arrived, as this year’s Hot List Poll affirms. Technological opportunity has conjoined with the wandering, twerking consumer, his iPad and six-second videos in tow, to burn down those media silos for good. The hottest shows are no longer found exclusively on the tube, while the concept of “appointment TV” seems downright quaint. The most anticipated series of the year was one that got kicked off the airwaves only to be reborn on Netflix. Purveyors of the most promising innovation in digital revenue—native advertising—include print brands enjoyed by your grandpa, while the buzziest new magazines are spinoffs of cable channels. Among recent hot topics on social media—aside from Syria and Miley Cyrus—were, of all things, magazine covers, featuring a bomber from Boston, pervy pols from New York and a certain media queen’s hairdo. Yet through all this upending, some things appear reliably eternal—vampires, zombies, “reality” TV, doctors in daytime, smartasses in late night and, of course, Tina Brown

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The Hot List Poll

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