/// Under Fire, Ouya Game Developers on Kickstarter Say They Did Nothing Wrong

August 31, 2013  |  All Things Digital

The past week has not been kind to Gridiron Thunder and Elementary, My Dear Holmes. The in-development video games, both seeking funding on Kickstarter, met their crowdfunding goals on Tuesday. And then the trouble started. The background: Both games met those goals relatively quickly, with Gridiron raising $75,000 in 18 days and Elementary raising $50,000 in 13 days. And both games are participants in Ouya’s $1 million Free the Games Fund , which matches funds over $50,000 raised on Kickstarter by games made for the Android-based microconsole. This drew the ire of bloggers and online forum commenters, who began throwing around terms like “ sham ,” “ scam ,” “ fraud ,” “ lying ” and “ swindle .” Accusations that MogoTXT and Victory Square Games — the studios behind Gridiron Thunder and Elementary, My Dear Holmes — had somehow gamed the system slowed donations to the Kickstarter campaigns to a trickle and their teams found themselves playing defense. Here’s the thing: Nothing either project has done or is accused of doing would violate the terms of Ouya, Kickstarter or Amazon Payments, which processes Kickstarter payments in the U.S. “If we violated anything at all, we might’ve violated some people’s opinions of what Kickstarter should be,” said MogoTXT CEO Andy Won. To the uninformed observer, Kickstarter may seem antithetical to business, a destination for grassroots support of artistic projects. Ouya’s messaging around the Kickstarter contest — “free the games” — lends power to this myth.

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Under Fire, Ouya Game Developers on Kickstarter Say They Did Nothing Wrong

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