/// Privacy Advocate Blasts Government-Hosted Privacy Group

August 29, 2013  |  Media Week

Jeff Chester, Washington's most vocal and relentless privacy advocate, has had enough with the multi stakeholder process hosted by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. In a 34-page report released Thursday, Chester, the executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, blasts the NTIA's yearlong effort to further the Administration's proposed consumer privacy bill of rights for “failing on all counts.” The CDD's report, delivered to the White House and broadly distributed, was timed to coincide with the NTIA's meeting in the afternoon to review their work to date and go over the “lessons learned” from the past year. The multi stakeholder group was created by the Commerce Department last July and put under the NTIA. After a year of meetings, the group didn't have a comprehensive “code,” but it did agree, albeit loosely, to test a short form notice code of conduct and privacy dashboard designed to bring more transparency for mobile apps.

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