/// iPhone Leads Android in Smartphone Loyalty

August 23, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Owners of iPhones like their handsets more than Android owners like theirs. That’s the gist of some new research from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) which just finished analyzing four quarters worth of smartphone platform loyalty surveys collected between July 2012 and June 2013. According to CIRP’s data, 81 percent of existing iPhone users purchased another iPhone during the 12 month period surveyed. Meanwhile, 68 percent of existing Android smartphone users bought another Android device. Not a vast gulf between the two platforms — just a 13 percent difference, but significant when considered with a second metric CIRP analyzed — the rate at which iPhone users switched to Android, and vice versa. During the period CIRP surveyed, nearly three times as many Android handset users switched to iPhone as iPhone users switched to Android. Between July 2012 and June 2013, iPhone poached 20 percent of its users from Android, while Android captured just seven percent of its users from iPhone. Interesting asymmetry there — potentially significant, too. CIRP’s data seems to suggest that not only are Android users more likely to switch to iPhone, they’re more likely to continue buying iPhones once they’ve done so

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iPhone Leads Android in Smartphone Loyalty

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