/// Why Web TV Skeptic Mark Cuban Thinks Google Can Make the NFL Work on the Web

August 22, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sport If Google ends up getting the rights to stream NFL games over the Web , could the Web handle it? That is: Is America’s Internet infrastructure capable of letting millions of people watch the same football games, at the same time, while delivering a TV-quality picture? We’ve seen hints that the Web is now up to the challenge , but for now we don’t really have an answer. We won’t know until someone tries. Still, I figured it would be worth asking some folks who know a bit about Web video and TV. So I started with Mark Cuban. Cuban, as you may recall, got into Web streaming way back in Web 1.0, and became a billionaire after he sold his Broadcast.com to Yahoo. Fast-forward to today, and Cuban is pouring a lot of resources into conventional TV, via his HDNet/AXS TV venture. He has also been a frequent skeptic about the limits of YouTube specifically and Internet video in general . Surprise! Cuban thinks the Web, and Google, are capable of delivering NFL games to your TV. Less surprising is that Cuban has lots of other things to say. Short version: Cuban says Google would be smart to grab the NFL’s “Sunday Ticket” rights from DirecTV. Here’s the long version, compiled via an email exchange today: I think Google could do 20 million simultaneous users now at a highly compressed HD. In the next 18 months, 30 million. But that is going to eat up a lot of resources, and it’s going to be difficult to do much quality of service. It’s one thing to originate it and distribute it. It’s another to make sure that every peered Internet provider will get it to the home at a quality Google wants it delivered

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Why Web TV Skeptic Mark Cuban Thinks Google Can Make the NFL Work on the Web

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