/// The NFL Continues to Go Solo in Digital

August 22, 2013  |  Media Week

When it comes to digital partnerships, the NFL likes to say no. During a press event in New York on Wednesday (highlighted by Marshall Faulk’s bow tie, among other things), reps from the NFL Network talked about a slew of new second-screen apps, including a single mobile app that works across carriers, as well as two apps tied to specific NFL Network shows. The league knows that huge numbers of its fans play fantasy football , and/or are inclined to watch games with mobile devices in hand. And while plenty of NFL fans congregate in social media, the league feels its second screen apps have an advantage, given the amount of stats and exclusive video and interviews it can provide (though that's also true of ESPN, Yahoo, and any of the networks that broadcast its games). “It starts with a passionate fan base,” said Greg Isaacs, the league’s vp of digital media. ”And the trends we’ve seen are that 50 to 80 percent of fans watch our games with a second screen.” But what was perhaps most noteworthy—telling even—about Wednesday's event was the absence of digital partnerships announced by the NFL

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The NFL Continues to Go Solo in Digital

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