/// Twitter’s Head of Music Departs for Nielsen VP Gig

August 16, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Cue up the Twitter exit music. Tatiana Simonian, Twitter’s head of music for the past two years, plans to soon leave the company. She’s headed to Nielsen — one of Twitter’s important media partners — where she’ll assume the newly created role of VP of Client Solutions with the entertainment group, working with brands in the music vertical. Prior to Twitter, Simonian worked in media relations for Disney and was a former freelance journalist. During her time at Twitter, Simonian has been the sole person responsible for leading music partnerships on Twitter’s media team, according to her LinkedIn profile, one of the highest-profile divisions inside the company. That includes things like luring big-name artists such as Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga to use products like Twitter and Vine, and organizing Twitter-related projects around major music events like the Grammys. That’s an important position for Twitter, considering musicians are one of the top worldwide engagement drivers for the entire platform (they’re who all the kids today want to follow).

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Twitter’s Head of Music Departs for Nielsen VP Gig

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