/// Oops! Facebook Explains Recent Third-Party App Outage.

August 15, 2013  |  All Things Digital

In life and malware scares, sometimes everything doesn’t go as planned. Such was the case for Facebook, which on Thursday explained a recent outage in a number of third-party apps on the Facebook Platform. The gist of it: On Tuesday, a number of developers whose apps are connected to Facebook Platform were disabled with no immediate explanation. For a period of time, the devs were left in the dark, and took to online forum Hacker News to complain about the outage. After a period of time, the apps were up and running again. Two days later, Facebook cleared up the problem. As Facebook employee Eugene Zarakhovsky explained this morning, Facebook’s security team recognized a pattern in a series of malicious apps, and the company’s automated systems disabled the apps in question. “This normally results in thousands of malicious apps being disabled and improves our automated systems’ ability to detect similar attacks in the future,” Zarakhovsky wrote. Unfortunately for some developers, some legit apps were caught in the crossfire.

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Oops! Facebook Explains Recent Third-Party App Outage.

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