/// Disney Infinity Crosses the Platforms: "Toy Box" Mode Will Work Across Four Consoles and the iPad

August 14, 2013  |  All Things Digital

When it launches next week, Disney’s ambitious new game Disney Infinity will include a Dropbox-like feature that lets users upload and download the game’s virtual worlds to all major consoles — and iPads. Disney Interactive is billing the console/mobile cross-platform compatibility as the first of its kind for user-generated content in a game. So, what is that content, exactly? Infinity’s killer feature is the “ Toy Box ,” an open arena where players have free rein to make anything they want by mixing and matching characters and items from Disney’s movies, TV shows and theme parks. At a press event in San Francisco on Tuesday, the company said that custom virtual worlds and even games made within the Toy Box can be uploaded for free to a cloud service, Disney ID, and then quickly downloaded to the Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or iPad. The free iPad app, Disney Infinity: Toy Box, will not support the full game, which retails for $75 starting Aug. 18. But it will allow players to make new Toy Box worlds, edit existing worlds, and explore what they’ve made while controlling a Disney character. The iPad companion app is Disney’s way of keeping Infinity front and center in kids’ minds whenever they’re away from the console and might otherwise be playing something else — like when they’re in the car or on vacation. During the press event, senior mobile producer Dan Lehrich used an iPad to make a new world in the Toy Box from scratch. After uploading it via Disney ID, he downloaded to an Xbox 360 an exact copy of that world, except with much better graphics, optimized for the console. Why does the full Infinity game cost $75, when a chunk of it will be available for free on iPad? Although the main version of the game also features single-player story campaigns, the reason is that the console game is bundled with a “starter pack” of physical toys of characters . Those characters will appear in the game when the toys are placed on top of an accessory “base,” also included in the $75 bundle.

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Disney Infinity Crosses the Platforms: "Toy Box" Mode Will Work Across Four Consoles and the iPad

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