/// The Limits of Crowdfunding: Big Ambitions Can’t Overcome a Lack of Big Names, Kickstarter Expert Says

August 7, 2013  |  All Things Digital

As noted many times before in this space, Kickstarter has proven over the past year and a half to be a potent fundraising source for games — some games, that is. The huge successes of projects like “ Double Fine Adventure ” (later officially titled Broken Age ) and Torment: Tides of Numenera are tempered by the reality that about 70 percent of games projects on the site fail. Trying to pin down why those projects fail, though, is a tricky proposition. Of course, Kickstarter doesn’t hang its project creators out to dry, offering a detailed “ Kickstarter School ” and hosting educational meetups and events . But often, someone has to miss the mark before a “rule” that applies to the unpredictability of Kickstarter takes form. Take, for instance, the example of Project Snowstorm . The ongoing gaming project has some good things going for it: A team trying to make a sophisticated multiplayer game; an epic, thought-out world that invites comparisons to Lord of the Rings; and a confident mobile-first strategy that gives the game a stronger unique selling point. In order to make that fantasy world a reality, though, the project’s creators, SnowFury Studios, say they need to build a new MMO platform, and are asking for $500,000 to cover that platform and their first game. However, Project Snowstorm “is quite typical of a campaign that has close to no chance to succeed,” according to ICO Partners consultant — and crowdfunded-gaming watcher — Thomas Bidaux. I asked him for his evaluation of the project when I saw, after talking about the newly launched project with its creators last week, that it wasn’t moving as quickly towards its goal as it needed to with 22 days left to go. In a thorough email, Bidaux explained all the issues he saw, based on his experience tracking hundreds of Kickstarter gaming projects.

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The Limits of Crowdfunding: Big Ambitions Can’t Overcome a Lack of Big Names, Kickstarter Expert Says

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