/// Colbert Skewers Guest-Stealing VMAs and MTV’s Van Toffler in Sponsored Segment

August 7, 2013  |  Media Week

Stephen Colbert does some of the smartest media criticism on television, but it's never better than when it's directed at his employers . Colbert has made something of a cottage industry out of biting the hand that feeds him (last night he “promoted” sponsor Pepsi with the blurb “the official drink of 'We don't have Coke, is Pepsi okay?'”), but in his most recent show, he took on his colleagues. According to Colbert, MTV head Van Toffler nixed Daft Punk's much-publicized appearance on the show because his network had already booked the French electronica duo for the Video Music Awards. This, by the way, was supposed to be a surprise, except that Colbert told everyone watching the show last night : “Apparently, and this is a deeply guarded secret—so, shhh—Daft Punk are going to make a surprise appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards. Spoiler alert—don't tell anybody because nobody told me until 2 o'clock yesterday.” MTV had no comment. The decision, obviously, put Colbert in a bind—”Hyundai gave me a lot of money! A big check, which, funny story, I cashed”—which he thought he could get around by asking Daft Punk to play both shows, a plan Colbert said didn't go over well with Toffler. “I understand Flan Cobbler's predicament here,” he said. “If Daft Punk were on my show, people wouldn't tune in to see them on the VMAs almost a month from now—that's how music works. You love a band, you see them once, and then you never want to see them again.” Anyway, the upshot is that it led to a much better segment than fans could have hoped: Colbert dancing to the band's “Get Lucky” and interrupting what appeared to be every show taping that day, including a rehearsal for the Rockettes, a booty-dancing stairway climb with Jeff Bridges, a long-distance boogie with Jon Stewart and a disco duet on rollerskates with a plaid, neckerchiefed Bryan Cranston that is … well, it's not to be missed. And Colbert was even sporting enough to promote the VMAs anyway, just to show that there's no bad blood.

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Colbert Skewers Guest-Stealing VMAs and MTV’s Van Toffler in Sponsored Segment

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