/// A Lil Bub Talk Show Will Anchor Discovery’s New Digital Network

August 1, 2013  |  Media Week

Today in Things That Are Not Made Up, famous Internet cat Lil Bub will host a talk show anchoring a new Discovery Communications digital venture called Animalist, created and developed by the company's video studio Revision3. The adorably disabled quadruped will host interview segments, conduct field reports, and probably eat yogurt in a cute way or something. You'll get to see it all at Animalist.com starting Oct. 3, when the first crop of shows—Lil Bub, Petsami, and Big Cat Rescue, along with a dozen others—hit the web. It's nothing if not ambitious: the site is shooting for 10 million views a month at launch, with 16 million a month by year's end. Revision3 has been a subsidiary of Discovery since last year and the creator of a science-themed web channel last year called Test Tube.

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