/// Transferring Information to a New BlackBerry

July 24, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Q: Has anyone found a way to transfer saved emails, saved calendar entries and saved memos from older BlackBerrys, like the Bold, to the new Q10? I am told by Verizon sales staff that only contacts can be transferred. A: The new Q10 and Z10 are based on an entirely different operating system and are a break with the past, so transfers are limited. According to a BlackBerry spokesman, a program called BlackBerry Link will transfer over memos and calendar entries saved to your old device, or your computer, but not locally saved emails. However, he said, emails stored in a cloud account can reappear when you link the new phone to that same cloud account. Q: You recently reviewed new Intel chips that greatly increased battery life in two laptops. Are these same chips likely to be showing up in tablets and smartphones? A: Most tablets and smartphones don’t use laptop-grade Intel chips, but instead rely on chip designs from a competitor, ARM, which specializes in mobile devices. Various manufacturers produce ARM-based processors. The only tablets I know of that use Intel-laptop chips are Windows 8 tablets that are essentially hybrid laptops, like Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Email Walt at mossberg@wsj.com .

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Transferring Information to a New BlackBerry

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