/// Google’s Chromecast Lets You Watch TV on the Web on Your TV. Guess Who Doesn’t Like That?

July 24, 2013  |  All Things Digital

One of the cool features of Google’s new Chromecast device: It lets users move whatever they can see on their computer’s Chrome Web browser onto their TVs. One group of people who might not think that’s cool: TV executives, who are still trying to draw a distinction between things you watch on your computer and things you watch on your TV. For example: Chromecast’s mirroring capability poses an issue for Hulu. The video Web site has tried to restrict user’s ability to watch its free Hulu.com service on TV screens; instead it sells the ability to watch Hulu on a TV as part of its $8 a month Hulu Plus service. Hulu says it is working with Google to bring a Hulu Plus app to Chromecast, and when it does it will be an “optimized” viewing experience*. And not all of Hulu Plus’s content is available on free Hulu. But a lot is. So in theory, that should make Hulu Plus a harder sell for Chromecast customers. Google may also hear from HBO, which is fine with people watching its HBO Go service on big screens — but only with the explicit approval of the pay TV channel. For instance, HBO prevented Apple TV users from streaming its programs from its iPads and iPhones until February ; last month Apple added a dedicated HBO Go app to Apple TV . Of course, anyone with any common sense, who doesn’t work in legal or biz dev at a large entertainment company, knows that it’s silly to argue that something that’s on one screen shouldn’t be on another. And anyone who wants to buy a cable and connect their laptop to their TV could already do this. Which is exactly what Ossama Alami, a manager in Google’s developer relations group, told my colleague Liz Gannes when she asked him about the issue today

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Google’s Chromecast Lets You Watch TV on the Web on Your TV. Guess Who Doesn’t Like That?

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