/// San Francisco May Crack Down on Corporate Shuttle Buses

July 21, 2013  |  All Things Digital

San Francisco wants tech employee shuttle buses — which have become a loathed symbol of elitism for many residents — to be a little more considerate. But the city’s proposed demands are pretty mild. It just wants companies who ferry their employees around in private buses to limit and pay for their use of city bus stops. A Google bus The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency corporate board this week discussed a plan for an 18-month trial of a policy that would bring the much-blamed and essentially unregulated private bus systems into line. If it’s approved, it could come into effect early next year, the San Francisco Chronicle reported . The quickly proliferating corporate shuttles carry as many as 35,000 workers per day, mainly from 250 established public Muni stops near their homes in the city to their offices located in more boring towns 40 or so miles south. Participating companies include Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Genentech, Intuit and eBay. The often enormous and unmarked big white buses have many haters in a gentrifying city where the median one-bedroom apartment now costs $2,795 per month , up 27 percent in just two years. The symbolism has gotten to the point where piñatas in the shape of Google shuttle buses were smashed at a recent public protest . And the trend is only growing. Companies like Google, which started busing employees as a perk and a sustainability effort to keep cars off the road , continue to bulk up their staffs while adding more buses and stops, and startups like Box now offer their own shuttles too.

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San Francisco May Crack Down on Corporate Shuttle Buses

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