/// How The Battle for Dell May or May Not End Today

July 18, 2013  |  All Things Digital

You could say that today is one that is a year in the making, but that would reduce the situation that the computer company Dell finds itself in to pretty simplistic terms. It was in fact a year ago, practically to the day, that its founder and CEO Michael Dell had the first serious conversations concerning the transaction now before shareholders. (In fact that conversation took place on the very day that he met with AllThingsD for this interview . But who’s counting?) Those conversations in time led to a series of meetings that led Michael Dell and the private equity firm Silver Lake to offer to buy out 100 percent of the shares of the company for $13.65. The transaction includes $2 billion in debt financing from the software company Microsoft, all in, would value the company at $24.4 billion. That offer was the sixth from Dell and Silver Lake, made after no fewer than 25 meetings. Their first offer was $11.22 a share, and was increase six times throughout the negotiation process.

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How The Battle for Dell May or May Not End Today

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