/// Hell Freezes Over; Olbermann Rejoins ESPN

July 17, 2013  |  Media Week

Sixteen years after blowing up the sports world’s version of the Bridge on the River Kwai, Keith Olbermann once again has made nice with ESPN. Sources on Tuesday night said that the 54-year-old Olbermann is on board to host a late-night talk show on ESPN 2, the spin-off network that reaches some 98.7 million U.S. households. In reaching an accord with the cable sports titan, Olbermann has a chance to effectively put to rest the often puzzling, if not to say quixotic, behavior that has characterized a broadcast career that has been, in equal measures, brilliant and erratic . As co-hosts of ESPN’s SportsCenter from 1992-1997, Olbermann and Dan Patrick redefined the sports highlights game. For a generation that found itself stultified by the wide-eyed boosterism of local sports anchors, “the Big Show” was truly a departure. Funny, irreverent, and endlessly inventive, SportsCenter put the lie to the idea that TV sports coverage was meant to hover over the intersection of hagiography and clich

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