/// More Moves Abroad for Twitter’s Top Brass as Three Execs Head Overseas

July 11, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Twitter VP Katie Jacobs Stanton Three of Twitter’s top execs are moving away from the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, charged with overseeing international offices across multiple countries. The changes, noted in the three executives’ Twitter profiles on Thursday, are likely an effort to continue building out the company’s international presence and leadership, while potentially grooming Twitter’s U.S.-based executives for eventual expanded roles within the organization. While Twitter has obviously seen significant traction in the United States over the past seven years, the company still needs to beef up its user base and advertising accounts overseas, areas that have the largest potential for growth — and, conversely, areas rich with competition from non-U.S.-based social networks. Katie Jacobs Stanton, vice president of international growth, will move to one of Twitter’s European offices — perhaps the Paris office, as Stanton’s recent tweets suggest she’s spent quite a bit of time there. Twitter VP Shailesh Rao Stanton, who joined Twitter three years ago, already spends much of her time outside the U.S., having opened offices in places like Japan, Brazil and Europe. She works more on the consumer side, speaking to high-profile folks of the region and explaining why they should be all over Twitter (which, in theory, leads to trickle-down growth from fans and followers of a particular influential person). Once Twitter establishes a foothold on the consumer end, that’s when the sales teams can come in and start pushing Twitter’s promoted products

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More Moves Abroad for Twitter’s Top Brass as Three Execs Head Overseas

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