/// Viral Video: "Adrift" in San Francisco’s Fog

July 6, 2013  |  All Things Digital

For those who live in the San Francisco Bay area, fog is part of our daily life, but this time-lapse video called “Adrift — which photographer Simon Christen calls a “love letter to the fog” — is worth a long look. Christen, whose last video was “The Unseen Sea,” took two years to photograph. “I chased it for over two years to capture the magical interaction between the soft mist, the ridges of the California coast and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge,” said Christen in a post. “I hope with my short film I am able to convey the feeling of happiness I felt while I experienced those stunning scenes.” He does it ably, as you can see below:

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Viral Video: "Adrift" in San Francisco’s Fog

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