/// Clicks and Glass: Four Things to Consider When Developing Apps for Google Glass

July 5, 2013  |  All Things Digital

You’ve seen the reviews, the keynotes, the videos and the endless debates on whether this sci-fi tech-like innovation is a solution, a problem, or just an unfinished idea. Yet, we all can agree that Google’s Project Glass , deemed to be the next hot personal computing device after iPhone’s big break in 2007 and lauded to be at the forefront of technology for years to come, has the attention of the entire world. Consumers and professionals of all kinds are gawking at the ability to connect to the digital world with literally the blink of an eye. Yet, Google Glass is still out of reach for most. On the backend, developers are eager and anxious to start creating apps for Glass. They’re pressing play, pause and repeat of this Developing for Glass video of Timothy Jordan , Senior Developer Advocate at Project Glass. But just because you know where to find Google’s Mirror API and that the Glass Developer Kit is about to be unveiled does not mean you’re completely prepared to develop Glassware. Here are four things to consider before going all-in on wearable computing. 1. Be a Minimalist Keep it simple. As of late, developers have been trying to keep up with the “bigger is better” slogan that goes hand in hand with tablets and phablets. But Google Glass is tiny, and there are plans to shrink it even further. If there ever was a time to go with the “less is more” mentality, this is it — the screen measures 0.375 square inches and will sit less than an inch from the user’s eye

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Clicks and Glass: Four Things to Consider When Developing Apps for Google Glass

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