/// Two Apps for Channeling a Better Web Video Experience

July 4, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Cute cats. Lessons on how to knit a sweater. A singing demonstration from the next Justin Bieber. Thanks to the wonderful worldwide Web, you can find videos for any of these topics, or whatever your interests might be, with a simple search. But what you might get in return is an overwhelming number of results that’s not so simple to sift through. With numerous online video services serving up results, enjoying clips can be a game of back and forth between different sites, which doesn’t make the best use of your time. This week, I checked out two mobile apps — Rockpack and Vod.io — that can help solve this problem. [ See post to watch video ] Often described as a “ Flipboard for video,” both of these apps allow you to discover videos from around the Web and organize them all in one place. To be clear, the apps aren’t replacements for streaming video services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, where you can watch full TV shows or movies. Instead, they’re meant for consuming short clips from the likes of YouTube, Vimeo and even your social networks, and are best suited for people who view a lot of video online. Casual viewers might find there’s too much noise in these apps. As a person who watches a lot of Web clips, I found that both apps created a personal and pleasurable viewing experience, especially on a tablet. The interfaces were much more attractive than what’s offered by YouTube channel subscriptions. But they operate a little differently from each other, and neither is perfect

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Two Apps for Channeling a Better Web Video Experience

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