/// Disney Wraps Major Upfront Sales

July 3, 2013  |  Media Week

It's a wrap at the Disney kids' cable group—Disney XD, Disney Channel, and Disney Jr. The networks saw a bump of 25 percent in total dollars over last year, likely because of new network Disney Jr., and because of improbable ratings juggernaut Doc McStuffins. Rarely do TV series premieres clock 1.08 million demo viewers at 9 a.m.—rarer still when the demo is kids ages 2-5. A source puts the overall CPM rise at an average of 6 percent—above industry average, though it's worth noting that Disney and Disney Jr. work on an ad-light sponsorship model, as opposed to the ad-supported Disney XD, which competes with more traditional kids' cablers like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. The parent network is experimenting with IP mash-ups this summer—its popular Phineas and Ferb property is going to cross over with the recently acquired Marvel Comics superheroes, a move that has sparked both enthusiasm among kids and parents who dig the long-running show and ire among hardcore comics fans (guess which group advertisers care about?). It will also help cross-promote Disney's own Phineas-phree Marvel shows on Disney XD, which is trying to gain share against Cartoon and Nick. The channel likely has a ways to go before it approaches its competitors: last year it saw $124.8 million in ad sales revenue, putting it behind Cartoon ($470.3 million) and Nick (a whopping $979 million).

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Disney Wraps Major Upfront Sales

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