ZenDay Had It Right Straight Out Of The Gate

/// ZenDay Had It Right Straight Out Of The Gate

July 2, 2013  |  Blog

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the supposed novel integration between calendaring apps and task or to-do lists. Calendaring and task applications have become the latest holy grail in mobile apps; if executed perfectly and proven to deliver on the promise of organizing one’s hectic day, there’s no end to opportunities for investment and increased sales. But why take my word for it? Just look at at the most recent announcements from developers behind apps like Any.Do, Tempo and Sunrise, who are jumping on the opportunity to deliver.

The new focus is to develop apps that solve an age-old problem. Apps are being created to make schedules easier to manage by integrating multiple organizers and productivity features in a single app. Even the biggest names in the productivity space have recently announced new methods of doing so- like transforming a note into a task by adding a simple checkbox.

These are great ideas, which have been addressed in an understated, yet elegant way; however, no one has been paying attention to a little-known Android app called ZenDay, which has been doing this and a whole lot more, well before any of these other apps introduced these features as innovations or product improvements.

Mobisysteme,French startup far from Silicon Valley near the Alps, created ZenDay- not a simple calendar organizer or a task organizer, but a time management app. This app integrates calendars, tasks and to-do lists into one seamless GPS-like visual. It offers full synchronization with Google Tasks, including support for sub-tasks and the ability to create a GTask from an email with just a keyboard shortcut.

Developed by an engineer, a communication expert and a psychologist, ZenDay’s founders approached this app from a psychological standpoint to create a product that reflects the way people think and how they are motivated. They did this by creating a new way to visualize time. ZenDay’s GPS-like format presents time in a linear fashion, and allows people to see what is most important in their day and what they actually have time for. As users view and rearrange their schedules, the tasks that don’t fit into their day will automatically flow into the next.

Now, people are busier and schedules are crazier. One step ahead, ZenDay anticipates what people need to stay focused, organized, and on top of their days. It delivers and has been doing so for hundreds of thousands of customers in a mere six months.

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