When Good Isn't Enough

/// When Good Isn’t Enough

July 2, 2013  |  Blog, Do Good Better, newsdesk

Talk NYC has always been at the forefront in gathering the best minds and leaders in technology, advertising, marketing, and digital media. New York is an epicenter of creativity – new products and ideas are being thought up of in boardrooms, cubicles, lounges, on napkins at our favorite watering holes. One thing New York doesn’t lack is the creative spirit.

As great as an idea can be, it still is only an idea. Along with creativity comes execution. How something is brought from concept to market is equally, if not greater, than the idea itself.

What New York has in its possession is the ability to change the way we think. Business can be just business, but it can also be a launchpad for something good — something great, even.

Moving further along into July, and into the Summer season, Talk NYC will be announcing full details on it’s newest conference, Do Good Better, aimed at gathering movers and shakers who recognize that the same industries who create profit for private entities, are also those that can create and influence change among hundreds, thousands, maybe millions. There are a lot of problems in the world, but with continuing advancement in technology, these problems are those that do not fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. How we approach this is what we’ll be talking about, in addition to the many pressing issues we are made aware of day to day, with insights from those that are on the frontline of making an impact for a cause that benefits all.

We’ll keep you up to date, and also introduce some ways that you can get involved, with our official announcement.


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