/// Tech Spending Will Reach $3.7 Trillion in 2013, Gartner Predicts

July 2, 2013  |  All Things Digital

It’s not often in this racket we call the news business that we get to talk about trillions of dollars, that is unless you spend a lot of time writing about the federal budget and the national debt. But this is one of those times. The research firm Gartner said today that in its latest survey of global spending on technology, that companies, consumers and governments will spend a combined $3.7 trillion. The news is that this amounts to a two percent increase over spending levels seen in 2012. The bad news is that the predicted rate of growth is slower than what the firm predicted only a few months ago. Last month Gartner said it expected spending to grow by 4.1 percent, but trimmed that by half in its latest estimates based largely on fluctuations in the strength of the US dollar versus other global currencies. On what’s called a “constant currency” basis, when those effects are discounted, the growth rate comes out to 3.5 percent, Gartner says, which amounts to a much smaller decline in the rate of growth. Now that we’ve handled that bit of housekeeping, you’re probably eager to know where that growth is coming from. There’s a good news/bad news picture there too. The bad news is that spending on devices — which Gartner defines as anything that’s considered a personal device be it a PC, mobile phone or tablet — is expected to grow less than before.

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Tech Spending Will Reach $3.7 Trillion in 2013, Gartner Predicts

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