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/// A Look Forward

July 1, 2013  |  Blog, newsdesk, People You Should Know

Happy Monday Talk NYC readers!

Before going any further, I’d like to say hello! My name is Arzi, and if you follow Talk NYC, you’ll know that the latest news in technology, marketing, advertising and digital media can be found here. We’re now past the halfway point in 2013, and everyday, the industries mentioned above continually grow and change.

New innovation provides us with products that make life just a little bit easier, and the rates that we connect with others – whether online or offline, have never been greater. News can be spread at the push of a button, and can reach millions of others at the exact moment that something transpires. A major championship won will be news once the buzzer strikes 0:00. Political movements are documented and breakneck speeds, with activities that transpire reaching fellow world citizens minutes later. Our favorite commercials and campaigns are shared amongst our personal networks and friends, with brands, marketers, and advertisers ideating some of the best work we’ve seen in years with, although nothing new, as we’ve seen in the past. What we do have in the present state, as consumers and professionals alike, is the power to influence.

In addition to the carefully curated news that we always enjoy sharing, I’ll be posting & sharing interesting pieces daily, along with news of Talk NYC’s future events that we hold to push innovation to its boundaries, while dissecting current models of business, and what can be done to improve how we approach solving problems that we face.

You’ll find some more updates about Talk NYC’s upcoming conference, Do Good Better, soon, so check back often!

I find myself at the cross-sections of Talk NYC’s focus, as a public relations and communications manager for an advertising agency, along with continued work as a social media and brand strategist, writer, and marketing professional. I’m a native New Yorker, born in Queens, that still couldn’t think of any place other than New York City as home. It’s an honor joining this team, and I look forward to keeping everyone in the know!

Feel free to contact me with any questions! arachman@talknycforum.com


-Arzi Rachman

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