/// DirecTV Goes Trolling With Grey and Noam Murro

June 25, 2013  |  Media Week

IDEA : Lovable monsters have a proud history, from Shrek to Sesame Street. DirecTV adds another to the mix in a cinematic new spot from Grey, New York, one of three in a mini campaign showing how you can record DirecTV shows and watch them anywhere on any device. “DirecTV has a lot of technology coming out this year. Several campaigns will look at particular technologies,” said Grey executive creative director Dan Kelleher. This one is memorably illustrated through the story of a giant troll who's ordered by his wife to fetch milk for their baby and embarks on an epic journey through the countryside and a terrified village—wreaking havoc, but only accidentally, as he watches a show on his tablet the whole way. COPYWRITING : Associate creative director Heather English wrote all three scripts. “'Troll' was one that we just fell in love with,” said Kelleher. “We loved the idea that he's not this mean, malevolent troll. He's charming—almost like a typical dad. Even though he's destructive, it's not on purpose. He's just so absorbed in the product.” The spot opens on a wide shot of a river in the moonlight, with the troll's cave glowing under a bridge in the distance. “Frank! The baby needs milk!” the unseen wife screams.

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DirecTV Goes Trolling With Grey and Noam Murro

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