/// Microsoft Pumps $700 Million into Iowa Data Center

June 24, 2013  |  All Things Digital

The mysterious company behind the $700 million “Project Mountain” data center in Des Moines, Iowa finally has a name. And it’s not Apple or Amazon. It’s Microsoft. Late Friday, the Iowa Economic Development Authority Board approved $20 million in tax credit incentives for Microsoft , which plans to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into a data center in West Des Moines. According to state documents, Microsoft’s investment will total $677.6 million and likely be used to expand an the company’s existing data center in the region. The goal, according Christian Belady, Microsoft’s GM of Data Center Services: “supporting the growing demand for Microsoft’s cloud services.” Microsoft is the latest tech behemoth to choose Iowa as the site of its data center ambitions. Earlier this year Facebook announced plans to build a $300 million server farm in the state. And last year, Google said it would plow another $400 million into its data center in Council Bluffs

Microsoft Pumps $700 Million into Iowa Data Center

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