/// Cat Greenleaf’s Talk Stoop Moves to USA From Taxi TV

June 24, 2013  |  Media Week

Specs Age 41 News Her show, Talk Stoop With Cat Greenleaf, is moving to USA Network; she’ll also host USA’s daytime programming Talk Stoop , a show we’ve all seen on taxi screens, will be airing nationally on USA. How does it feel to not be known only as the Taxi TV girl anymore? I hope I continue to be known as the “Taxi TV girl” and “that girl we saw on USA!” The cabs have 100 percent built my business. We’re now in the top eight taxi markets around the country, so now, not only to be part of USA but for USA to be part of the cabs—the two platforms joining is like a power couple. Do you watch USA? I dated Gabriel Macht, the star of Suits, in high school. He was my prom date. We’ve been friends ever since, so I was watching USA for Suits and then started watching the other shows. I always thought it was so funny that USA shows are all about blue skies, and my set actually has blue skies. It’s felt like a good fit. How will Talk Stoop change now that it’s been picked up by the network? We will be talking to a lot of the USA talent. Something I haven’t been able to do on Talk Stoop as much as I’d like to is have stars of movies that are out right now. I didn’t have a lot of manpower, so our turnaround time has been like the Queen Mary. Now the show is going to be able to stay more current. And we are creating a mobile stoop, so the show is going to be all over the country—red carpets, pre-Olympics events, festivals around the country

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Cat Greenleaf’s Talk Stoop Moves to USA From Taxi TV

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