/// Fox Bows Double Box Ad Format in MLB Broadcast

June 21, 2013  |  Media Week

After kicking the tires on the “double box” ad format in Nascar races and during the Jan. 4 AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic, Fox Sports is taking its innovative break to the next level, prepping it for its Major League Baseball debut. On Saturday evening, Fox will air two double box pods during its live broadcast of the Red Sox-Tigers game. The game will be seen in 40 percent of the country, including major East Coast markets like New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Miami and Baltimore. (Naturally, the game will also air in the No. 6 DMA, Boston, and No. 10 Detroit.) The first execution will appear between the third and fourth innings (break seven), while the second will air as the bottom of the fifth gives way to the top of the sixth (break 11). Both pods will consist of four 30-second spots. When Fox throws to commercial in break seven, 92 percent of the screen will be occupied by the ads and a special reverse L-shaped “skin” that brackets the creative with the client’s logo and brand messaging. (For example, a national pizza chain conceivably could use the skin as an opportunity to remind viewers that the fourth inning is an ideal time to order a large pie.) A small box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen will feature the sort of between-innings activities viewers do not see during traditional commercial breaks

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Fox Bows Double Box Ad Format in MLB Broadcast

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