/// Yes, Futurama Is Really Cancelled

June 18, 2013  |  Media Week

Showrunner David X. Cohen has seen his and creator Matt Groening’s series Futurama through seven seasons—and 14 years of cancelations, syndicated success, direct-to-DVD resurrection, provisional renewal and, finally, a new lease on life at Comedy Central. That lease expires this summer, after the show’s eighth and (most recent) final season. When Adweek caught up with Cohen, he suggested we make a chat about Futurama an annual tradition “because there’s always a cancelation to report on.” So what’s next? Well, we still have our season coming on. I’m in kind of a tricky position where I have to tell people, “We’re canceled, and we’re on the air!” Matt Groening believes it’s our best season ever.

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Yes, Futurama Is Really Cancelled

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