/// The Genius Who Produces ‘Pure’ Television

June 18, 2013  |  Media Week

For reasons that are not immediately apparent, the girl with the vodka tonic is taking pictures of the actress on the Embassy Row TV monitor, even though the real thing is, at this very moment, perched on a chair inside the studio that lies just on the other side of the wall. Every time she captures a shot with her iPhone, the girl glances at the palmed screen, and in the owl-inflected argot of her generation, lets out a little “Woot!” before walking over to show the latest photo to her two equally excitable friends. It’s the Tuesday before Memorial Day weekend and we’re standing in the cramped control room of the Bravo chat show Watch What Happens Live , which is hosted by Andy Cohen, a St. Louisan who is perhaps the only surviving member of Generation X who can get away with tossing out the occasional “Woot!” of his own. The actress in question is Elisabeth Moss from AMC’s Mad Men ; seated alongside her is Arrested Development’s mad matriarch, Jessica Walter. What’s happening is, Cohen has Moss (for the uninitiated, she plays Peggy Olson on Matt Weiner’s celebrated angst-athon) on the hot seat for his “Plead the Fifth” segment, in which he grills guests with a series of questions that are only slightly less puerile than George Wayne’s Vanity Fair Q&As

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The Genius Who Produces ‘Pure’ Television

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