/// Facebook Reaches Agreement With Feds to Allow Data Request Disclosures

June 15, 2013  |  All Things Digital

After intense discussions and at the urging of Facebook, Google and other Silicon Valley giants, the U.S. Government will allow Facebook and other tech companies to disclose some data on information requests made under national security laws, including the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), to the public, according to a release from Facebook on Friday evening. As a result, tech companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo and others will also be able to disclose numbers of government requests, sources said. Update 8:22 pm PST: Just a few hours later, Microsoft has also released aggregate numbers of data requests for the six months ending December 31st, 2012. The development comes on the heels of a massive week of privacy and security scandals surrounding former NSA employee Edward Snowden, who has released documents suggesting that the Silicon Valley giants had given the Federal Government access to their large, treasure troves of data via a formerly classified NSA program called PRISM. The levels of access and cooperation between tech giants and the government have been in dispute since the news first broke last week. But companies like Facebook and Google were somewhat hamstrung to defend themselves by existing legislation, which bars companies from even discussing whether or not they have been served with FISA requests in the first place

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Facebook Reaches Agreement With Feds to Allow Data Request Disclosures

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