/// High-Tech Help for the Green-Thumb-Challenged

June 13, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Confession time: I’m a killer — a killer of houseplants. Despite my best efforts to care for them, I’ve lost count of how many plants I’ve murdered over the years. Even so, I continue to buy them because I enjoy having them around my apartment. But for my conscience and wallet’s sake, I needed to do something about my lack of a green thumb. That’s why a product called Koubachi caught my attention. [ See post to watch video ] Created by a Switzerland-based company of the same name, Koubachi is a combination of an app (mobile or Web) and a Wi-Fi-enabled sensor for an indoor plant or an outdoor garden, and it alerts you via a smartphone notification or email when your plant needs water, fertilizer, light or other help. It’s great for people who are forgetful about tending to their plants or need guidance on how to care for their green friends. I’ve been using Koubachi for more than a month with one of my indoor plants, and both the plant and the Koubachi are still alive and kicking. With the chaos of my daily life, feeding my plants isn’t always at the forefront of my mind, so it was great to get reminders right on my phone. It was also helpful and educational to get information about other factors like temperature and sunlight. The only major downside is that the Koubachi sensor is expensive, at $99 for the indoor model and $129 for the outdoor model

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High-Tech Help for the Green-Thumb-Challenged

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