/// Five Questions About the PS4 for Sony’s Jack Tretton

June 12, 2013  |  All Things Digital

The console wars have officially kicked off, with Microsoft and Sony both hosting press conferences at E3 to announce price points — $499 and $399, respectively — and a whole lot of game titles meant to get gamers geared up for the console releases this holiday season. But there are plenty of questions about certain features of the consoles — around game sharing, cloud-based streaming, and how motion-sensor devices will tie in. I had the chance to sit down with with Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, to ask him how DRM restrictions will really work, and what he thinks about the Xbox One ’s $499 price point. AllThingsD : First off, people seemed really excited at last night’s [Sony PlayStation] event when you announced the no-DRM policy, which would allow for freer sharing of games. But this morning there was still confusion, and some countered that there are restrictions on game sharing. Can you offer a simple explanation for how this will work with the PS4? Any game that is made for PS4 that is physical goods, whether first-party or third-party, can go into a PS4 and play regardless of where it came from. The first player will play it, no problem, the second player will play it, no problem.

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Five Questions About the PS4 for Sony’s Jack Tretton

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