/// With iPad Mini Keyboards, It’s (Literally) the Little Things

June 10, 2013  |  All Things Digital

I’m typing this column on an iPad mini, using an accessory physical keyboard. Despite my best efforts to maintain a normal typing posture, my hands are squeezed comically close together because the keyboard is so tiny. I wrote a similar review a year ago, using a keyboard for the regular-sized iPad. For me, having the tactile keys changed the iPad from a media-consumption device to one I could use for work, and I gave the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover from Logitech the thumbs-up. More recently, I’ve become a fan of the iPad mini — it has essentially replaced the standard 10-inch iPad for me — but I still use the 7.9-inch device almost entirely for reading books, playing games and browsing the Web. So I wondered: Could an accessory physical keyboard change my mind again? With that in mind, I’ve been trying out four keyboard cases for the iPad mini: Logitech’s $80 Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, Logitech’s $90 Folio Keyboard, Zagg’s Zaggkeys $100 Cover Keyboard and the Zaggkeys Folio Keyboard, also $100. (I should note that I was, at first, accidentally provided with the Logitech Folio for the regular iPad, and was unable to use the Folio for iPad mini as much as I would have liked.) The Logitech keyboard cases are available for purchase now; the Zaggkeys products will ship in July. [ See post to watch video ] All three keyboard cases connect to the iPad mini via Bluetooth, and offer a variety of handy shortcut keys. They all claim a battery-life expectancy of about three months. Throughout the week, I’ve taken notes, responded to emails and written blog posts using these keyboards. My pick out of these three is the Zaggkeys Folio keyboard, despite the fact that it’s $10 more than Logitech’s Folio keyboard, and $20 more than Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. I did run into one glitch with the Zagg, but the company said it would be fixed in the shipping models. The Folio styles cover both sides of the iPad, while the Cover styles only cover the screen of the iPad — leaving the tablet’s backside exposed and vulnerable to scratches. The Zaggkey’s Keyboard Folio felt sturdy and durable, and yet pretty lightweight. It’s just 16.75mm thin compared with the Logitech Folio, which is 25mm. But, more importantly, Zaggkeys products have a much better keyboard layout than that of the Logitech Keyboard Cover and Folio for iPad mini

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With iPad Mini Keyboards, It’s (Literally) the Little Things

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