/// Boxer App Has Some More Ideas About Fixing Mobile Email

June 5, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Boxer, a new iPhone app for managing email, launches today, with some tweaks that may appeal to some — and to others may seem like just more email. Boxer ‘s motto is “email isn’t broken, it’s just unfair.” That is: Everyone with your email address gets the right to make your pile bigger. So you should have better tools to quickly make your pile smaller. What Boxer does, much like the Dropbox-acquired Mailbox , is add some simple swiping gestures to help people triage their email. The special Boxer actions are “Like,” a way to acknowledge an email without actually replying; “Quick,” which helps send prewritten responses; “To-do,” which moves a message into a to-do; and “Request,” which helps establish and track other people’s to-dos. There’s also Dropbox integration and Rapportive-like contact summaries with profile photos. What Boxer doesn’t do is minimize the actual number of emails you send and receive. In fact, it adds to it. When you “Like” a message, the original sender receives an email saying “So-and-so liked your message with Boxer.” Yes, yet another email. And the Request tracking stuff seems to work best if the other person uses Boxer too and can see what you priority you designate. Why?

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Boxer App Has Some More Ideas About Fixing Mobile Email

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