/// Apple Accuses DOJ of Unfairly Twisting Steve Jobs’s Words

June 4, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Steve Jobs figures prominently in the U.S. Department of Justice’s e-book price fixing case against Apple. His e-mail messages to other executives at Apple and in the publishing industry, his comments to biographer Walter Isaacson and others, have been gathered up by the agency and offered up as proof of a conspiracy in which he was allegedly “the chief ringmaster.” How does Apple rebut such accusations when Jobs is no longer around to help in mounting a defense by explaining those remarks himself? That’s a key issue for Apple’s legal team as it spars with government attorneys who characterized Jobs’s various remarks as “direct evidence” and “published admissions” of conspiracy. So what’s the strategy for dealing with it? By casting the government’s use of Jobs’s remarks as untoward and shady. And in his opening argument Monday, Apple attorney Orin Snyder did exactly that, questioning the fairness of even using them as evidence and lambasting the government for purposely taking Jobs’s remarks out of context

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Apple Accuses DOJ of Unfairly Twisting Steve Jobs’s Words

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