/// Apple’s Tim Cook: The Full D11 Interview (Video)

May 29, 2013  |  All Things Digital

There was a lot to talk about as Apple CEO Tim Cook made his second appearance on the D: All Things Digital stage. Cook declined many, many opportunities to talk about new products. But he did give his view on taxes (the current system should be gutted), talked a bit about about acquisitions (the pace is increasing and doing a big one isn’t off the table) and suggested wearable computing is a big deal , even if Google Glass isn’t. He also dropped a bit of news, announcing the hiring of former EPA chief Lisa Jackson to head Apple’s environmental efforts. Oh, and that declining Apple stock price? Cook is bummed too . Here’s the full video: [ See post to watch video ] RELATED POSTS: Liveblog: Apple Has More Game-Changing Tech in the Works, Says CEO Tim Cook Apple’s Tim Cook Has a “Grand Vision” for Television — And Still Won’t Talk About It Tim Cook on Wearables: “I Think The Wrist is Interesting” Apple Has Bought Nine Companies Since October, and Is Going to Pick Up the Pace, Says Tim Cook Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson to Join Apple Why Tim Cook Isn’t Freaked Out About Market Share (Video) Why Apple Makes Only One iPhone, and Doesn’t Want to Make a Phablet (Video) Could Apple Be Getting Just a Bit More Open? (Video) Tim Cook Talks Taxes (Video) Full D11 Conference Coverage

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Apple’s Tim Cook: The Full D11 Interview (Video)

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