/// Google Demos Linux Running on Hacked Glass

May 16, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Although Google is offering a limited set of developer tools for Glass — and more are on the way — the company doesn’t want to stop hackers from tinkering even further. Indeed, during a developer conference session on Thursday, Google showed a variety of ways to gain deeper access to Glass. Some, such as running basic Android apps and even connecting a Bluetooth keyboard, can be done. Google showed other hacks, such as running a version of Ubuntu Linux. Those actions, though, require deeper “root” access to the device. Google showed how developers can get such access, but cautions that doing so voids the warranty and could be irreversible. That said, Google plans to make its factory image available so in most cases rooted Glass devices should be able to be returned to their original settings. The session ended with a video showing a pair of the pricey specs being blended to a powdery mess, to heartfelt groans from the packed audience, many of whom forked over $1,500 to be among the first to buy the developer edition of Glass. Showing a different level of interest in Glass, several members of Congress sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page on Thursday asking questions about privacy issues raised by the high-tech specs. Update : At a follow-up Fireside Chat session with developers, Google reiterated that a software development kit for Glass is coming, but Google’s Charles Mendis said not to expect it soon. Isabelle Olsson, the lead designer for Glass, showed off one of the bulky early prototype designs for Glass as well as a current prototype that combines Glass with prescription glasses. Olsson, who quips that she has been working on Glass since it was a phone attached to a scuba mask, said that the development of Glass was “so ambitious and very messy.” Getting the device light enough has been a key, Olsson said. “If it is not light you are not going to want to wear it for more than 10 minutes,” Olsson said. “We care about every gram.” Asked what kind of apps the Glass team would like to see, Olsson said she wanted a karaoke app, while Mendis said he would like to see some fitness apps. RELATED POSTS: Shoot the Moon: How Google Turned a Hodgepodge of Upgrades Into a Show of Strength Google I/O: Music, Maps, Messaging and More Larry Page Takes the Pulpit to Praise Technology, Snipe at Competitors Next Google Maps Update to Include Better Venue Search, Waze-Like Rerouting Google Gives Search a Deeper Voice and Adds Reminders and More to Google Now With Revamped Hangouts, Google Aims to Unify Messaging Google+ Gets a Bit More Pinteresting Google Chrome: 750 Million Active Users, Synchronized Web and Mobile Browsing Coming Soon From Google: A $649 Samsung Galaxy S4 Running Stock Android With Sights Set on Spotify (And Pandora), Google Launches a Music Subscription Service Google on Android: 900 Million Activations, New Tools for Developers Coming Google Doubles Down on Music Subscriptions, Which Means Google Isn’t Serious About Music Subscriptions Where Are They Now? Google I/O 2012 Edition. At I/O, Google Tilts Toward Android Services Over Android OS Google Downplays Expectations Ahead of I/O Developer Conference Will Google Deliver on Its Nexus Q Promise? Not at This Year’s I/O. Ahead of I/O, Google Wallet Drops Plans to Introduce a Physical Card Google Goes With Unified I/O Keynote (But Will It Unify Its Products?)

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Google Demos Linux Running on Hacked Glass

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