/// BlackBerry Live 2013: After Promises, Progress

May 14, 2013  |  All Things Digital

For BlackBerry, this past year has been a very different beast from the one that preceded it. This time last year, on the eve of the company’s BlackBerry Live conference (formerly BlackBerry World), the company was making headlines for its dismal financial results, its ongoing search for an adviser to help evaluate its strategic options , and its perennially coming-real-soon-now next-generation operating system, BlackBerry 10. Today, BlackBerry is in far less precarious position. It has finally managed to ship BlackBerry 10 — along with a couple of handsets on which to run it — and all have been generally well received. The company’s touchscreen smartphone, the Z10, set launch-day sales records in Canada and the U.K. ; its Qwerty sibling, the Q10, has been garnering positive reviews ; takeover rumors have gone quiet; the company reported a surprise profit in its most recent quarter, and its shares are up some 25 percent since the beginning of the year. While BlackBerry hasn’t yet escaped the skepticism that mercilessly dogged it last year, it has provided investors and developers — and really anyone with an interest in the company — some reason for cautious optimism, despite the still daunting challenges ahead of it . So there’s still a lot riding on BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins’s keynote address at BlackBerry Live tomorrow morning, but the company is in a far better place to deliver. So what can we expect from Heins when he takes the stage tomorrow

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BlackBerry Live 2013: After Promises, Progress

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