/// Microsoft: That Windows 8 "New Coke" Analogy is Silly

May 12, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Will the launch of Microsoft’s forthcoming update to Windows 8 next month be the company’s “New Coke” moment ? Is its rumored plan to revive the traditional “Start” button it killed when it debuted Windows 8 a massive and humiliating reversal of course following an ill-concieved reimagining of the company’s flagship product? Not according to Microsoft. According to Microsoft, Windows 8 is a good product that’s steadily improving, and recent suggestions in by the media that it is turning into a “New Coke”-style disaster are pure sensationalism. And in an unusual company blog bost, Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s VP of corporate communications, dismissed them as exactly that, suggesting they favored “hyperbole” over “nuanced analysis.” “Windows 8 is a good product, and it’s getting better every day,” Shaw wrote . “Unlike a can of soda, a computer operating system offers different experiences to different customers to meet different needs, while still moving the entire industry toward an exciting future of touch, mobility, and seamless, cross-device experiences.” Shaw insists Windows 8 is doing exactly that, and that its licenses sold to date — 100 million copies — is good evidence of it.

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Microsoft: That Windows 8 "New Coke" Analogy is Silly

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