/// Social App Pheed Brings Streaming Pay-Per-View to Mobile

May 9, 2013  |  All Things Digital

There’s a reason social app Pheed has catered to the creative community in the six months since it launched. It’s an amalgam of sites like Instagram and video and audio sharing apps, where creatives can retain rights to their content and monetize it if they want. Think of it as an all-in-one delivery system for content creators. Pheed wants to take that a step further. On Thursday, the company launched an update to its iOS application that allows Pheed users to watch streaming, pay-per-view broadcasts from other Pheed users directly from their mobile devices. Pretty straightforward: A user wants to do a live broadcast of some material. Say they’ve got a song to perform, or a discussion to hold, what have you. They set up the event and decide what they want to charge — if anything — for other Pheed users to view the live broadcast. The in-app payment system accepts the cost of admission and sends it to the user’s bank account, and viewers are sent a reminder before the broadcast goes live. Smart. It’s obviously something that could appeal to the masses of musicians and artists out there who are promoting themselves via social and apps — think of the Lady Gagas, the Snoop Doggs and others who are creating their own mobile apps to promote their albums and content — while also giving random small-timers the ability to promote their material as well. After all, it may be easy for Snoop to get his spliff-happy app downloaded thousands of times to push his new album, but the starving artist in L.A. may have a tougher time. Live performance could be a novel way to garner an audience. (I think of early YouTube stars who came from being nobodies to hosting their own TV shows.) Unlike some other more high-profile social video apps, Pheed is bootstrapped, fairly small and doesn’t bankroll stars to join the service. “We’ve never paid anyone to join, we never gave out equity, and we’re not that rich,” Pheed co-founder OD Kobo said in an interview

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Social App Pheed Brings Streaming Pay-Per-View to Mobile

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