/// A Printer for the iPad

May 8, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Q: We own an iPad and we would like to purchase a printer to use with it. We don’t know which to buy. A: Apple’s iOS operating system, which powers iPads and iPhones, can print decent-looking documents, using a built-in technology called AirPrint, which prints wirelessly. You don’t need to set up any drivers or other software on the iPad itself. However, AirPrint requires a printer that has Wi-Fi capability and is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPad or iPhone. In addition, the printer must be a model that supports AirPrint. All the major printer makers sell these and there are many models. Apple has basic instructions and a list of supported models on its website . Q: I have an audio cassette from our wedding in 1978. It is the only recording we have of my father’s voice so it has special meaning for me. I would like to have it transferred to a CD or DVD. Do you have a recommendation of how to transfer it? Who would do a good job? A: There are a number of companies that do this. One that I recently tested favorably is called PeggyBank, at peggybank.com . They transfer old video and audiotapes and photos into digital files stored online, or, for an extra fee, they will put them on a CD or DVD. Q: In your laptop buying guide last week, you recommended getting at least 500 gigabytes of hard disk space and at least 256 gigabytes of solid-state storage on laptops that use that type of storage instead of a hard disk. Why the difference? A: I was bowing to market realities. Solid-state storage, while faster and less likely to fail, is also much more expensive and thus comes in smaller quantities

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A Printer for the iPad

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