/// Syria Has Dropped Off the Internet, Again

May 7, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Various Internet traffic monitors — including Google and Akamai — are reporting that Internet traffic into and out of Syria has ground to a halt again. Right now, Google is showing that none of its products are available in Syria , since a little before 3 pm ET, or about two hours ago as of this writing. Here’s a screen grab of Google’s graphic showing the dropoff. Akamai has been tracking the outage as well, according to this Tweet from @NMSyria . I’ve reached out to Akamai for a little more color (to the extent that any is available). Internet seems to have been shut down across all of #Syria . http://t.co/m6hVLroVRF about 1 hour ago via Tweetbot for iOS Reply Retweet Favorite @NMSyria NMSyria The last time this happened was in November of last year , and that outage, like so much else going on in that country torn apart by civil war, has never been fully explained . The outage lasted about two days . Last time, the folks at Renesys, a research firm that tracks the health of the Internet’s underlying plumbing, noticed that all five networks bringing Internet traffic into Syria went down more or less at once. That’s fairly easy to carry out logistically because pretty much all Internet traffic in and out of that country is funneled through one point: The state-run, state-controlled Syrian Telecommunications Establishment, and all Internet providers operate out of a single building. The companies that provide Internet connections going into Syria are PCCW and Turk Telekom as the primary providers, with Telecom Italia and Tata providing additional capacity. There are four physical cables that bring bandwidth into Syria and three of them land in the coastal city of Tartus . A fourth comes in from Turkey to the north. Chances are, routers in the telecommunications building were reconfigured to stop announcing themselves in the global routing tables, essentially making them invisible to the rest of the Internet. The question — as with the last time this happened — is why now? Update: Umbrella Security Labs CTO has a blog post on what that company says is going on: Currently both TLD (top-level domain) servers for Syria, ns1.tld.sy and ns2.tld.sy are unreachable.

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Syria Has Dropped Off the Internet, Again

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