Lee Hirsch, Documentary Filmmaker

/// Lee Hirsch, Documentary Filmmaker

May 2, 2013  |  NGE

Lee Hirsch, a former victim of bullying himself, started filming Bully in the fall of 2009. He spent the rest of that academic year in a handful of schools across the country, following five students and families trying to understand how bullying is handled within the schools. Released to great acclaim by the Weinstein Company, Bully spurred a national grassroots movement of parents, educators, celebrities, politicians, and students. In 2013, the film won the prestigious Dupont award from Columbia University and Stanley Kramer award from the Producer’s Guild of America. Since the film’s premiere, Hirsch has presented his film and message at the White House and on Capitol Hill, and has raised millions of dollars for educational programs and free screenings for over 250,000 kids and 10,000 educators. Hirsch’s debut feature film, Amandla! a Revolution in Four Part Harmony, chronicles the history of the South African anti-apartheid struggle through a celebration of its musical heroes. This film won the Audience and Freedom of Expression Awards at the Sundance Film Festival, as well as one of the five Emmy awards for which it was nominated. Hirsch is the founder, director, and producer of the Local Voices for Obama project, a series of ads featuring Obama supporters in small towns in swing states. In 2007, Hirsch also directed and produced the History Channel special Act of Honor, which has been applauded in reviews by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and other major papers.

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