/// Sorry, Cord-Cutters! Still No "Game of Thrones" For You

May 1, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Nope. You’re still not getting “Game of Thrones” — at least not the current season, at least not legally — without paying for cable. At least not in the U.S.. Time Warner keeps getting asked about this, and they keep saying the same thing . Even though lots of you say you’d love to buy HBO but don’t want to get a pay TV subscription, and it’s the future, and it’s inevitable, and Time Warner is stupid for not seeing it your way. The only wrinkle in the call-and-response came last month, when HBO head Richard Plepler floated the notion of paying for HBO as a broadband only service — but which would be sold by the broadband guys, who are also the pay TV guys. That would be an interesting incremental move, but even that’s not going to happen any time soon. As soon as Plepler’s comments  hit the press, Time Warner officials were walking it back in private. Today CEO Jeff Bewkes did the same thing in public, while trying to suggest that Plepler didn’t really mean what he said, anyway. Yes, he told analysts on an earnings call, HBO does sell a broadband-only service in Scandinavia. But the U.S. isn’t Sweden: HBO’s got 40 million HBO/cinemax subs here. We are vigorously offering HBOGo through all our distributors. If you then go and say, “well should we add it as a broadband-only service?”, which we you could do through facilities-based providers, or you could do it through non-facilities based providers, which i think was the discussion Richard was having – we have the rights to do it

Sorry, Cord-Cutters! Still No "Game of Thrones" For You

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