/// Apple’s iOS 7 Team in Deadline Crunch Mode, Adding Engineers

May 1, 2013  |  All Things Digital

iOS 7 is so significant a re-imagining of Apple’s mobile operating system that the company is mustering additional engineering resources to get it out the door in time for a preview at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Sources who declined to be named because they are forbidden to talk publicly about Apple’s plans tell AllThingsD that the company has been “borrowing” engineers from the OS X 10.9 team as part of an effort to double down on iOS 7. “Yes, yes – it’s essentially a repeat of the iPhone/Leopard scenario,” one source said, referring to Apple’s 2007 decision to pull engineers from OS X 10.5 to work on iPhone . “Not as much of a fire drill, though. It will ship on time.” News of Apple’s iOS 7 scramble was first reported by Daring Fireball earlier this month and reiterated today by Bloomberg . So what is it about iOS 7 that’s caused Apple to rally additional engineering resources? It’s a pretty big update. With SVP of Industrial Design Jony Ive now oveerseeing interface design, sources say Apple has adopted a unified approach to software and hardware design. And evidently the spartan, elegent aesthetic that Ive has developed around Apple’s hardware is now being brought to bear on its software as well. Last week 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman reported that iOS 7 would feature a “flat” design that favors simplicity over flash. I’ve heard similar descriptions from sources who say iOS 7 is iOS “de-glitzed.” “Put it this way,” said one source who’s been briefed on iOS. “You know Game Center’s green felt craps table? Well, goodbye Circus Circus.” Not a surprise, really. With, Scott Forstall — an advocate for flashy, skeumorphic design and its stiched-leather and faux wood grain flourishes — gone from Apple , and Ive in an expanded role, the current and former Apple employees I’ve spoken to say iOS 7 was destined for a new coat of paint

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Apple’s iOS 7 Team in Deadline Crunch Mode, Adding Engineers

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