/// Comedy Is King at the Hulu NewFront

April 30, 2013  |  Media Week

For a bunch of presentations thrown by technology companies, the NewFronts are becoming notorious for glitchy executions. The exception to the rule this season—likely because it’s run by networks who are old hands at this sort of thing—is Hulu , which came out swinging on Monday with Saturday Night Live writer/performer Seth Meyers, who explained that he was emceeing the event as a way of “hedging my bets.” “Welcome to the Soylent Green waiting room!” he said as buyers drank in both the lime green decor and mid-morning cocktails. “If you get that joke, you are not in the demo.” The network had plenty for ad buyers to relate to, including notable crossover talent. This summer will see Geico caveman John Lehr in the network’s original comedy Western, Quickdraw. The presentation made a serious attempt to ease upfront-goers into the digital world—large swaths of it were a love letter to old television shows, with execs delivering the expected selling points against backdrops of old title cards from shows like Hill Street Blues. The event also included a reel of advertisements that ranged from the vintage to the contemporary

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